Athena Bitcoin is dedicated to building open financial systems to serve the global community. Our solutions enable the freedom and opportunity to save, build, invest, spend, and to participate as sovereign individuals. The equalizing values we share are access, transparency and opportunity,  individual choices therein are limitless.  


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Matias Goldenhörn | Global Operations Director

“Working everyday at bringing the access of better money (Bitcoin) to people around the world”

Sam Nazzaro | Chief Compliance Officer

"Just as the regulatory environment has evolved in the United States and globally, Athena has adapted by more efficiently using processes and people to become a global leader in compliance. Our leaders are committed to growing our ecosystem responsibly using best practices and the latest in compliance technology."

Brian Schwartz | Co-Founder and CIO

"More than being just disruptive, Crypto has the potential to be transformative. Athena has been at the forefront of crypto adoption for years, in ways both big and small. We will continue to be there as the technologies mature and needs change."

Georgia Ruiz | Chief of Marketing and Communications

“Athena Bitcoin has generated a bitcoin integration suite that impacts individuals and institutions globally. Our job is to create valuable opportunities and ensure that the importance of BTC is made clear for everyone."

Commitment to Security

Athena’s Commitment to Global Compliance and customer security ensures safe and secure banking for the unbanked and fair and equitable use of our platforms by everyone