Athena Bitcoin



Athena’s Commitment to Global Compliance and customer security ensures safe and secure banking for the unbanked and fair and equitable use of our platforms by everyone. We operate securely as a licensed and regulated global digital currency business 

Our Pledge

  • Athena is a compliance leader committed to the highest standards of ethics and compliance –as leaders, individually, as a team and as a company. This commitment guides our day-to-day operations and future business decisions 
  • Athena is a compliance leader among its peers, committed to global placement of in country international compliance teams to better adhere to a global regulatory framework and best practices 
  • Athena is a compliance leader ensuring strategic investments in compliance expertise as well as the development of sophisticated processes and technology to better assist evolving regulatory obligations and to better know and serve our customers
  • Athena is a compliance leader by helping to educate and support law enforcement efforts for a safe and secure Bitcoin environment  
  • Athena is a compliance leader with our commitment to protecting our customers from fraud and scams and by taking measures to prevent cybercrime  
  • Athena is a leader for a secure and safe platform for its customers with its pledge to never sell our customers personal data 

"Just as the regulatory environment has evolved in the United States and globally, Athena has adapted by more efficiently using people and processes to become a global leader in compliance. Our leaders are committed to growing our ecosystem responsibly using best practices and the latest in compliance technology."