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Imposter scams are the most common Bitcoin fraud that we see!

Imagine being in a panic thinking that you will be arrested or that money is about to be drained out of your bank account?

Imagine having someone on the phone with you for hours making sure you obey their instructions?

Thousands of people each year don’t have to imagine….

"We will have to issue an arrest warrant in your name...."

— Common variant of the social security / government imposter scam


  • You receive a call or message saying that something is wrong with your bank, social security number, or that you are connected with a crime, hang up or don’t call back.

  • You receive a popup alert on your computer screen, do not call the number presented

  • You are in a live call with someone who is requesting that you do something with your money, hang up and research this on your own!

  • You are concerned about your social security number, dial out to your local field office or the national number: 800-772-1213

  • You are concerned that someone has stolen your identity, please visit


  • Withdraw physical cash from your bank under the instructions of someone else, regardless of the reason given.

  • Make irreversible payments, including bank wires, gift cards, physical cash, or Bitcoin transactions.

  • Assume that the number on your Caller ID has anything to do with who is actually calling – numbers can be easily faked!

  • Panic! Always hang up on whomever is distressing you and take your time to thoroughly analyze the situation.

  • Go it alone! No matter what you are told, consult a trusted friend or family member (or visit your bank) to get a second opinion. The scammers want to isolate you and keep you from finding sound advice.


It’s NOT enough to protect just yourself from fraud …

Please help spread the word to your friends and family about the methods used by these scam artists.

The best way to prevent these types of fraud, nationwide, is through education and awareness before they happen.