Athena Bitcoin

Corporate Athena Plus Application

• Athena Plus is open to clients with US bank accounts and who are willing to buy or sell at least $10,000 worth of digital assets per trade. If you are looking to trade less than the minimum, we would be happy to accommodate you at our Athena Bitcoin ATMs.

• Athena Plus does not serve clients that are registered Money Servicing Businesses (MSB) or who’s primary residence is in Hawaii, New York, North Carolina, or Washington. Due to those states difficult regulations around Digital Currency.

You will need the following items to complete this application:

  1. Color picture of front and back of driver’s license, state ID, or current passport
  2. Selfie with your face, the front of your ID, and a handwritten note that says “Athena Plus” in the same picture. ID must be readable.
  3. Filled out and signed W-9 form (you can download this later in the application)
  4. Picture or PDF of the last 30 days of your bank statement which shows the account holder name, address, and the last four digits of the account number. This must be the bank that you intend to use for wires to/from Athena Plus. Screenshots from your cell phone/computer are not acceptable!
  5. A copy of the operating agreement for the company. If you are not the majority owner of the company and there are other partners, we will require a release signed by the other partners indicating that you are able to trade on behalf of the company. We will send the release to you.
  • P.O. Boxes are not acceptable on any document

Please let us know if you have any questions while filling out the application. You may reach us via phone at (312) 883-8516 M-F, 9:00 am to 5:00 pm CT. You can also reach us via email.