The premier crypto wallet of the Ruru suite

Wallet Features

A Custodial Wallet

Engineered for multi-national usage

On-chain or Lightning

Send BTC to anyone on-chain or via Lightning Network

Integrate local currency

Deposit and withdraw local currency via wallet

Pair with our ATM Network

Use our ABIT ATM network with Ruru wallet for no fees: cash-in/cash-out

Buy/Sell BTC,

We look forward to trading the top ten coins

Auto-convert receipts into BTC

Holders can auto-convert receipts into BTC or $$ at their discretion (by %)

No Fees for Ruru Users

Send to or receive from other Ruru wallet users with no fees

Integrate with Stable Coins

Hold/send/receive stable coins like Tether & USDC (Coming soon)

Purchase fractional shares

Buy US equities including fractional shares (Coming soon)

Ruru wallet is an element of the Ruru ecosystem designed to create total crypto implementation whether you’re an institution, individual or government.

Technology & KYC

Ruru Wallet can be white labled for your government or institution.