Athena Bitcoin

Athena Bitcoin: ATM network status ( United States only )

Purchase Limits

Variable per day depending upon location.

See “Maximum Purchase” amount on the ATM screen after you enter your coin address

Interactive Bitcoin price chart:

Coin Availability

Bitcoin (BTC)


Litecoin (LTC)


Ethereum (ETH)


Bitcoin Cash (BCH)


Individual ATM Status and Pricing

Please see our CoinATMRadar page for live ATM status info and per-coin effective rates.

How to calculate a percentage fee?

Just divide the “We Sell” price at the ATM or the “Buy” price from the page above by the current Bitcoin market price (seen here or from your favorite source). The two numbers following the decimal point will be the percentage markup (increase over the base rate).

Please text the coin you are interested in (e.g., “BTC”) to 312-690-4466 to receive a notification when it is back in stock!