Athena Bitcoin is dedicated to building open financial systems to serve the global community. Our solutions enable the freedom and opportunity to savebuildinvestspend, and participate as the sovereign individuals we were born to be. The equalizing values we share are accesstransparency and opportunity. Therein, individual choices are limitless.  


Athena Ruru facilitates the use of combined digital currency and electronic banking to power economies in need of access and inclusion.

“We developed Athena Ruru to provide financial access to the ‘other 90%’ who are unbanked. Athena Ruru allows users to choose how they want to hold their money – whether they have $1 or $1 million – and to use their money anytime, anywhere. We believe that finally giving access to the financially underserved will stimulate economic participation and create opportunity reinforcing the value of an open financial system.”

Eric Gravengaard | CEO of Athena Bitcoin Global